Rose Muhando Exposed For Allegedly Scamming Kenyan Pastors Over Ksh.1 Million.

Famous and celebrated Tanzanian singer, who is mostly based in Kenya, and one of the celebrated gospel artist in East Africa, Rose Muhando found herself in a hot soup, after she was exposed for scamming kenyan pastors over ksh.1 Million.

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Speaking in one of the events, Ali Mukhwana , decided to narrate how Rose Muhando managed to scam five pastors at the same time.

Mukwana said that since Rose is his best friend, he decided to book her for an event in Bungoma, Rose demanded ksh.200,000 , which were wired at her, and the organisers of the event were sure that she will show up.

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However when Ali Mukhwana shared the poster of promoting the event on his Facebook page, Five different pastors reached at him and told him that Rose Muhando will be performing at their events on that same day and same time.
Ali Mukhwana was shocked and he called Rose Muhando, and asked her about other events, Rose said it was just showbizz, they are using her pictures to promote their events .

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He then decided to call the five pastors, each one of them told him that it wasn’t showbizz, they had each paid Rose ksh.200,000 to perform at their events. That is a sum of ksh.1 Million , Rose had received.

The events were to happen in Soi, Kilifi, Voi and Mariakani, plus Ali Event that was to happen in. Bungoma. So Rose had been booked on the same day and same time, and he had convinced each pastor that she will show up on all of them.
After realizing that they had noticed her tricks, Rose Muhando went silent.

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Ali tried to call her, she picked the phone and said that she has a sore in her private parts, so she is sick. That is how she vanished with the money and made their events to flop.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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