Jimal Rohosafi: How I Went Broke After Borrowing A Loan To Buy a Ksh.350 Million Land For My Ex Wife Amira.

The story of business man Jamal Rohosafi and Amira who is his ex wife has been going viral online for a while. The two parted ways legally and it seems like they still have more to expose about the dirty side of each other.

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In 2022 , Amira decided to reveal to the public that Jamal Rohosafi was bankrupt, he said that he was struggling to make money and that the bank is all over him demanding him to pay huge loans he borrowed. It was a very shameful story because Jimal is used to flaunting expensive lifestyle online.

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Jamal Rohosafi kept quiet, but during an interview with Mungai Eve, he decided to let the cat out of the bag, and narrated everything.He revealed that it was true that he was somehow struggling, but he was not that broke as Amira said .

Rohosafi said that the main reason why the bank was on his neck is that , he was supposed to clear ksh.86 million that he had borrowed some years back. He revealed that he borrowed the loan, and then added his own money, to buy Amira a land at Muthaiga worth ksh. 350 Million.

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He said that it was somehow tough but he managed to clear the loan without struggling. He said that Amira was just trying to bring him down, yet the loan money was used to help her.

Jamal said that after clearing the loan of which he had to, he continued living his expensive lifestyle, he has never gone broke, because of his hardwork.

He revealed that he is making millions of money from his businesses and he has employed many people.

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