“My Man has been sleeping with his mother and his sister with his Father” Shiku Says.

Shocking Story of Josephine Wanjiku.

Shiku Narrates how his Man has been sleeping with his mother and his sister with his Father. it was a 2 way Traffic” Shiku Says.

Josephine  Wanjiku who is well known as Shiku goalkeeper from Githurai is among the women who have seen a lot in their marriage life. Shiku sadly Narrates how  she found out that her husband was sleeping with his mother and his sister with his father.

Narrating her story, Shiku said that she was forced to get married to her husband  after discovering that she is pregnant for him. She left playing football and decided to start a family with the husband in their rural home.

Just like it is always usual when a visitor visits you for the first time, Shiku was welcomed very well with her husbands mother and siblings. But as days kept on going things started changing and they started mistreating her. Since she was the soul provider, her husbands siblings started telling her that she had married their brother. Remember her husband didn’t have any job. So Shiku used to leave her home with the child as she goes to work.

The living environment was no longer peaceful and conducive for Shiku, things got worse, when she got pregnant for her second child. They decided to shift to Ruai at his husbands father plot in a 3 bedroom rental house. This plan went wrong and things didn’t go as expected because her mother in law incited her husband to throw her out in the middle of the night.

Shiku decided to be open and asked her mother in law why she hates her so much. Her mother in law told her that her problems with her will never end because  they are sharing the same man, meaning that her mother in law is sleeping with her husband (his son). To add on that she said that her husband is also sleeping with her daughter  and they are Sharing her daughter together with his father. In short as a family they are sleeping with each other, meaning  that it is a two way traffic.

Shiku couldn’t hold this all so she decided to go and confront her husband and  she did that and left that marriage because she felt that the family was cursed.


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