“Nipe Mechi Nikulipie Rent Ya 6 Months ” Nyako Tells 20 Years Old Tiktoker Tizian Savage.

The name Pilot Nyako will never miss on the trending topics in Kenya. The tiktoker who is based in Germany, is always controversial, and she is always happy, when her name is trending on social media platforms.

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During a tiktok live with Tizian Savage, Nyako openly decided to open up on her crush on the 20 years old Tiktoker Tizian Savage. If you all remember, Tizian went viral online as the cutest Bodaboda rider from Nakuru, and that is how his life changed completely.

He has been making millions of money from tiktok and he is now living a very lavish lifestyle. Nyako told him that he is young but making her to fall in love. She went on and told him that she is ready to pay for him a rent for 6 good months, and the only thing Tizian will have to do is to satisfy her in bed.

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Nyako said that she is good in bed and she just needs a young man who can perform very well in that sector hence, priotizing Tizian. It waa difficult for Tizian to accept because it was during s tiktok live, but the fact is that Nyako confessed that she indeed has a huge crush on Tizian Savage.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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