Akothee: I’m A Relationship Failure, Don’t Listen To My Advices Please.

One of the most famous and celebrated controversial kenyan celebrity, Esther Akothee , well known as Madam Boss, decided to reveal to the public that she is a relationship failure.

Speaking during a live session via her Facebook page, Akothee said that she has accepted her situation and condition, that she is a failure in relationship, but not life skills and business.

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She said that she has tried many relationships, and it is evident that this thing doesn’t work for her, and it is okay because God can’t bless you with everything.

However when it comes to parenthood and being a single mother, she is the president, she does it perfect and she has managed to hold and raise her family alone , without depending on men.

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Akothee said that people shouldn’t follow her relationship advices, she is a failure, they should only listen to her life skills lessons and also business wise, because she is a big deal in that area.

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She also urged her fans, if relationship fail they shouldn’t give up, they should try as much as possible like her, maybe sometime things will work out.

Akothee said that she is at the age where she doesn’t care, at 40 she only does something that makes her happy, she has no time for bad vibes and things that stress her, she is free and has the whole freedom of enjoying life.
Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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