Smady Things Opens Up On Marrying Jackie Vike ( Awinja Nyamwalo).

Gengetone artist and one of the most famous musicians of the well known , Mbogi Genje crew, Smady Things, finally decided to open up on marrying, Awinja Nyamwalo, or well known as Jackie Vike.

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Speaking in an interview with 2mbili Tv, Smady Things who was responding to Awinja, after she confessed live on Obinna show, that he is her crush, and she just love him and how he does his things.

Smady Things went on and said that he also loves Awinja, and she is a very beautiful lady, who is also talented. He said that if everything goes well and they become interested in each other more, of which is the situation, then he can’t hesitate to marry Awinja.

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He said that he is an intellect, and sheng shouldn’t be his point of judgement, because he is very smart, and he can handle Awinja very well.

When Smady was alleged for stealing a motorbike in Kayole, Awinja was one of the celebrities who commented, showing clear that she is also into Smady Things businesses. The Mbogi Genje crew denied doing so, and they said it was just an inside job, to turnish their brand.

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Smady Things said that his prayers are to find a woman like Awinja, and if it happens, then he will automatically one of the most blessed men in Kenya, because Awinja has both talent and also skills on how to come up with amazing content.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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