The Sad Downfall of Churchill Show.

The platform that made alot of Kenyan comedians celebrities is Churchill show, the likes of Jalang’o, Butita, Yy, Otoyo, Jessy, Tricky , Nasra, Jemutai and many more others, find their feathers to fly higher under the mentorship of Daniel Ndambuki well known as Churchill.

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TheĀ  Churchill show was doing well, and it was among the most watched shows in kenya, till things started going left, and they were forced to stop their production and maybe see how they will make a comeback that will also have a positive impact on the community.

It all started in 2007 as Churchill live, this is after Churchill had done alot of auditions, which wasn’t that easy.It took him time to secure a slot at NTV. He managed to convince the board of Nation Media that the show will be profitable.

They later changed to Churchill show, and without doubt, starting from 2010 Churchill show was the most watched standup comedian in Kenya. It was on the same level with Vitimbi, and Kenyans really paid mone to go and watch the show live at Carnivore grounds mostly.

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It gave a platform to talented comedians who really entertained the audience. They also gained fame and it was s good starting point for them to build their own personal brands.

The show was doing well till the Corona period when some things started happening. That period the show was cancelled, they stopped recording. This is when we started seeing wonders. A section of comedians started exposing some things about the show that were unknown.

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This is because a good number of the comedians went broke and started battling with depression. This led to arise of a story that they were being poorly paid at the show. Some like Raptcha exposed Churchill for underpaying the comedians.

Wakimani, Njoro, Johnny, Consumator, were among the comedians who went broke, and they had to cry out for them to get help. Kenyans threw insult at Churchill, but the likes of Jalang’o and other successful comedians came to defend Churchilll and revealed everything.

Jalang’o said that it takes Churchill alot of money to plan for a show, sometimes he even spends more than he earns, but he still pays comedians and also give them a platform to build their own brand.

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He said that Churchill does is best, is upon the comedians to use their brands and find also other sources of income. A good number of comedians were thankful to Churchill for the platform and they consider who they are now and not what they were being paid.

Othuol Othuol, death , who died while poor , despite being a celebrity, also led to people throwing insults at Churchil. Churchill said that one day the truth shall be known and it will set him free. He warned comedians and celebrities against the social media lifestyle that was giving them pressures , hence triggering them to live beyond their means or misuse money.

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The Corona period was the beginning of the downfall of Churchill show. They stopped live recording, and Churchill came up with another content of knowing the lifestyle of celebrities and how they made it in life.

They returned after covid, and unfortunately in 2022, they were forced to terminate their contract with NTV. It was revealed that they had disagreements over the production cost. After 15 years of being aired on NTV , the show came to an end and they were forced to look for another channel.

Lucky enough, they found a new home under TV47. They did an epic launch of the show, and TV47 was expecting to gain a lot from the show. Unfortunately the show didn’t meet their expectations and they were forced to stop the production again.

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So Churchill and the team were forced to take a break, work on rebranding , before making a comeback. It has been over a year, the show is yet to comeback, but romours have it that they are still planning and maybe they will comeback stronger.

We acknowledge the efforts of Daniel Ndambuki for transforming the comedy industry of Kenya and also changing the lifestyle of many comedians. Thumbs up Churchill and we hope all shall be well.

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