Mungai Eve Reveals Why She Isn’t Getting Pregnant.

One of the most famous Kenyan content creator and YouTuber, Mungai Eve, has finally revealed the reason why she is not getting pregnant.

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Mungai Eve has been receiving pressures from fans, who think that she is ripe to be someones mother, whenever she shares a post on Instagram or all her social media pages, there is a section of people who have been telling her to get pregnant for Director Trevor.

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The pressure is now getting worser, because her fellow YouTubers, who are also her best friends, the likes of Nicholas Kioko, Presenter Ali and also commentator have already signed up for parenthood.

Responding to a fan who had commented on Nairobi Gossip Club , asking Eve why she isn’t getting pregnant, Mungai Eve decided to come out clean to reveal to the public and address the issue .

She said that she won’t get pregnant because of peoples pressures. She will only get pregnant when she is ready , and assured of providing a better lifestyle to her child. Eve said that she will keep congratulating for others, till her turn reaches.

Here is the screenshot.

Mungai Eve Reveals Why She Isn't Getting Pregnant.
Mungai Eve Reveals Why She Isn’t Getting Pregnant.


Since 2021, Kenyans have been requesting Eve and putting pressure on her to get pregnant. The youtuber however seems to be reluctant on that and she is waiting for an optune time for her to become a mother.

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