Nzonga: People think my Wife is My Granddaughter, I’m 50 years Older than Her.

Meet Nzonga a 68 years old man who has married a 18 years young girl.


A Congolese man known as Nzonga, has revealed that people think his wife is his granddaughter. He is 50 years older than his wife. He married her when she was 15 years old.

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Who is Nzonga.

He is a 68 years old man. The man first married at the age of 20 years. He got 2 children with the 1st wife. However their marriage didn’t last long due to disrespect issues.

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Marrying a Younger Girl.

Nzonga was afraid to marry again. He therefore decided to stay single upto 65 years. By God’s grace he mate a younger girl, who agreed to get married to him.

Nzonga with his wife
Nzonga with his wife /Photo Courtesy.

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It was weird but Nzonga went ahead and informed the girls parents. The parents told him to pay dowry. He paid half and he was given the girl.

The two lover birds have been together for 3 years. They have been blessed with 2 kids, they are happily married.

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The biggest challenge is that people think that Nzonga’s wife is his granddaughter. Ignoring haters is among the things that has kept their relationship strong . They are optimistic to stay together forever.

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