My Wife My Pain: She Abandoned me With 7 Children.

Donald Narrates how his wife abandoned him with 7 children.

Donald is among the men who are going through alot in this world. He has been forced to take care of seven children alone, after his wife abandoned him and disappeared barely 4 months after giving birth to twins.

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Speaking in an interview with Afrimax English, Donald who is a professional barber said that him and her wife were living a very happy life, they rarely fought and they together struggled to raise their children.

Donald with his seven children
Donald with his seven children

The couple had five children, before his wife gave birth to twins making the total to be seven. Donald used to go to job and her wife usually remained home to take care of the young twins and also other children who are in school.

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However one day , Donald was shocked when he arrived home from work , and found that his wife had left and abandoned the young twins. She taught that maybe she had gone at the market, but after checking thr house very well, he realised that she had picked her clothes and the money they were saving.

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This is when he was hit by reality because it was clear that the wife won’t return. He rushed at the bus station with great hopes of finding her there, but he was told that he boarded the bus that was heading to Burundi.

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Desperate Donald returned back home and he was now supposed to take care of the seven children alone. The four months twins needed his attention more, so this made him to be fired at his workplace, because he couldn’t manage to do both work and taking care of the twins.

Life has been like hell to him, he has no means of getting money, basic needs and the children are solidly depending on him. Donald said that some of his children were forced to drop out of the school, due to lack of school fees.

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He hasn’t paid rent for three months and the more days move on the more things get worser. Taking care of the four months old twins has become difficult and they aren’t getting the required diet.

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Donald has urged people of good will to help him and atleast support him on building a house, because paying rent has been draining him.

He is optimistic that things will be well soon , he said that he will never give up on his children despite of tough times they are going through.

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