Rita Waeni’s Murder: Family Reveals The Identity of The Suspect Who Slained Their Daughter .

The death of Ritah Waeni which happened on 13th January 2024, shocked the entire nation. Her body was chopped into parts , and her head was missing, what a painful death. The 4th year student at Jkuat was buried a month later on February 14th at their village home in Mbooni.

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The parents have never found justice since then. In an exclusive interview done by Tv47, Waeni’s mother revealed that Ritah had met the person twice, before her painful death at Roysambu Airbnb.
She revealed that the name of the alleged suspect, who was spotted by Ritah last is identified as Carlton Maina. All this information they obtained from the Instagram account of the late Ritah , who used to chat with him via the platform.
She also revealed that Ritah’s friend came to visit them and told them what she knew between the friendship of Ritah and the suspect. It is there that it emerged that they had already met twice, they started talking on October 2023.

The mother said that before meeting her death, as she goes through the conversation, there were red flags, but Ritah was just a naive adolescent girl and she couldn’t notice them. The man requested to meet her on 13th claiming that on 14th January he was to leave the country.

They met at Trm drive and the CCTV camera captured them well, that is when they entered an Airbnb, and after that the inhuman scene happened, where Ritah was slaughtered , her body was found on 14th January chopped into different parts.

Rita Waeni’s Murder: Family Reveals The Identity of The Suspect Who Slained Their Daughter .

The quest for justice hasn’t been easy, despite all the CCTV videos available , showing the face of the suspect. The family is still optimistic that one day they will find justice for their beloved daughter.

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