Eli Begs Jalang’o to Rehire him Months After Stealing More than ksh. 2.5 Million From him.

Eli Begs Jalang'o to Rehire him, this is just after stealing over ksh 2.5 Million From the Lang'ata Member of Parliament.

Eli begs Jalang’o to rehire him, because of how tough life has been on his side. Eli and Litiema were trusted employees of Jalang’o. However they decided to rob millions of money from their boss’s car.

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How Eli and Litiema Stole Millions of Money From Jalang’os Car.

Few months ago, just in 2022. Jalang’o shocked everyone after revealing to the public that, his employees had robbed his money. According to Jalang’os words. Eli and Litiema were washing his BMW M5 2021, they found millions of money inside.

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The two decided to steal the money and vacated the compound. It took Jalang’o few weeks to track them. They were captured and returned some money. Jalang’o decided to make a very harsh decision , which was to fire both of them.

Eli Begs Jalang’o to Rehire him.

After being jobless for months. Eli has decided to open up on his situation. Eli has begged Lang’ata member of parliament to rehire him. The former employee revealed that things have been tough for him.

Eli Begs Jalang'o to Rehire him
Eli Begs Jalang’o to Rehire him, months  after  stealing  from  him millions of money /Photo  Courtesy.

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He said that his child has been unable to resume school. He has has also been unable to complete his house. Eli humbled and admitted his mistake. Eli begs Jalang’o to rehire him, promising not to repeat that mistake again.

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