From Hospital Beds to Stardom: Kenyan Celebrities’ Inspiring Battles with Death

Famous  Kenyan Celebrities who Escaped Death By A whisk After Being Admitted in Hospital For Several Months.

Here are four Kenyan celebrities who have very inspiring stories on how they miraculously escaped death after being taken ill in hospital for several months. They are now superstars and are continuing with their profession very well.


1. Njambi Koikai

She is among the female celebrities who are suffering from endometriosis. This is a very painful condition, where a tissue that is similar to those that normally grow in the uterus grows outside the uterus. The tissues were found in her lungs, and hence she used to collapse frequently. This led  to other complications with her heart, and she has been battling with the illness since 2016.

Njambi Koikai

The TV personality has so far undergone 10 surgeries. She was once admitted to a hospital for several months, but through prayers and the good work of the healthcare practitioners, she managed to get back on her feet. She spent 2 years in USA, and since her arrival in home her health kept on improving, as at 2024, Njambi is living a healthy lifestyle, and she is a really definition of miracles do happen, and with God and prayers everything is possible.

2. Akuku danger.

He is one of the most famous comedians in Kenya, he is very creative, but Akuku Danger, has been battling with Sickle Cell anemia for a while. He has been admitted in hospital frequent times, and even in one of the interviews , Akuku danger said that the doctors, had already told his family to prepare for his death.

Akuku Danger

In 2021 he was admitted in hospital and his health had detoriate, he  stayed in HDU for  some months, and Kenyans fundraised to facilitate his treatment. Sickle Cell anaemia is  a blood disorder  that is inborn, it is passed through parents gene. If you are a carrier, then the condition can be controlled but cannot be completely treated. Akuku has been in and out of the hospital, but by God’s grace he is still alive and doing content.

3. Kingkaka

In 2021, rapper King Kaka was taken ill, and his condition was very wise. King kaka revealed that the healthcare provider told him that his infection was, HLH, sepsis or blood infection. He complained of being given wrong medication, something that worsened his health. He became thin, and he even revealed that the healthcare providers had told him that he was to die soon. The condition was bad to an extend that he used to take a spoon of food and chew it for 30 minutes.


After being in and out of the hospital for several months, finally  he saw light at the end of the tunnel and got back to his feet. His wife, Nana Owiti, was there for him during that dark time. This is a testimony that King kaka always share to prove that God can rescue anyone from any situation.

4. Peter Miracle Baby

The Gengetone artist and Mugithi superstar horrifically started in 2024, after his intestines burst, and it was a problem that involved the appendix. His conditioned worsened, and if he could have not been rushed in the theatre room for an emergency operation, Peter couldn’t have made it.

Peter Miracle Baby

He was taken ill in hospital for 3  months and underwent four surgeries. He was forced to live with some intestines outside for 6 weeks before going for the final surgery. Peter said it was  the darkest moment in his life and he will never wish that to happen to anybody. He said that  he wasn’t optimistic that he will make it but through God and efforts of the doctors, the surgeries were succefully, and he got back to his feet.

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