Emotional Story of Magdalene : Men used to Pay to  Have twa twa With Me Despite My Decaying Leg

Story of Magdalene, and how men used to pay to have sex with her, despite her decaying leg.

Sometimes life isn’t fair, Story of Magdalene proves that. Magdalene a middle aged narrates how men pay to have sex with her despite her decaying leg.

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Who is Magdalene.

Story of Magdalene
Story of Magdalene, Magdalene showing of her decaying leg/Photo Courtesy

She is a single parent. She dropped out of the school at class 3. Because the situation at home couldn’t allow. At her teenage age she decided to become a prostitute at Mlolongo Town,Machakos.

Story of Magdalene and how Challenges begun.

The story of Magdalene and painful journey begun when she conceived her 1st child. Her husband dumped her. It took sometime the husband who dumped her died.

After the death of her husband, Magdalenes leg started to decay. She went to Machakos Hospital. She spent there 1 year. Despite healing her leg it wasn’t in a stable condition.

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Doing Prostitution despite having a decaying leg.

Since she had no any other option, Magdalene decided to continue with prostitution. She had two children. The only way she could get food was through selling her body.

She used to walk from club to club begging for money. Men took advantage of that and demanded sex with her. They didn’t even care that she had a decaying leg. Others after having sex they vanish.

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Madgalene wasn’t happy with her situation.After narrating the story and showing off her leg. She had great hopes that people will come through for her. The follow up is still on the way and she somehow received help from people. She is yet to speak out again.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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