Faith Disrupted: Why Andrew Kibe Believes God Doesn’t Exist.

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and content creator, who is a former radio presenter, Andrew Kibe decided to start a very controversial topic, that has really caused mixed reactions online.

Faith Disrupted: Why Andrew Kibe Believes God Doesn't Exist.
Faith Disrupted: Why Andrew Kibe Believes God Doesn’t Exist.

Speaking in an interview with MicCheque podcast, Kibe who was once a born again christian, started by dismissing the holy book of christian which is the bible. He said that he worships himself and he will never believe in the bible. Kibe said that human beings have the capacity to determine what will happen for themselves, for him he believes that bible is too manipulative.

The other question that saw Kibe give a very controversial answer, was about the existence of God. Kibe argued back and said that those are just imaginations. According to him he believes that God doesn’t exist, and says that are people who have those imaginations in their mind. He said that the definition of God is just enough to explain what he was trying to say.

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Andrew Kibe said that if it is true that God is the creator , then the world could have been having many Gods, hence for him he sees that was also a manipulative narrative that was just meant to mislead people.
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