Ringtone Apoko: Mungai Eve Ameharibika , ni Mlevi, Anapenda Pombe Sana.

Ringtone Apoko was among the long list of famous celebrities and musicians who attended Mungai Eve’s Multimillion Birthday Party in one of the city hotels. Apoko decided to expose the alcohol drinking habit of Mungai Eve live on camera.

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Speaking during an interview with Shiko Gitau, Ringtone responded to a question about his birthday gift to Eve Mungai in a savage way. He said that he had brought for Eve 5 litres of divine wine, because he had that she is a drunkard and she loves alcohol very much.

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” Eve nimesikia anapenda pombe sana, ameharibika ni mlevi, kwa hivyo nimemletea 5 litres ya divine wine alewe kabisaa”.

In addition to this Ringtone Apoko said that he wants Eve Mungai to get drunk so that she can forget all her problems. She even digged deep into the past of Eve and narrated how shw rose from poverty to a young rich and famous celebrity.

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He said that he feels proud of her, and he is sure that her future is bright. In addition to this Apoko went on and bashed other celebrities as usual. He attacked Eric Omondi, by claiming that Eric is being funded by NGO’s to do what he is doing, that is why whenever he is arrested he never shows up to help him.

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