Mutura Man : How I Earn Ksh.1500 in Just 3 Hours.

People consider them as small businesses, but they are a source of living for many Kenyans. Nicholas a Mutura Man based in Donholm area, Nairobi, revealed how he is making good amount of money from selling Mutura.

Mutura Man
Mutura Man ( Nicholas)

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Nicholas said that he started this business several years ago, and he only started it with a stock of ksh.2000. The journey hasn’t been easy, but he kept on adding stock, to make sure that he satisfys all his customers.

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The business started booming and he became notorious in the area because of how sweet his Mutura is. Due to high numbers of customers, Nicholas sells upto 16kgs daily. That is almost 1 goat daily.

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When it comes to money, Nicholas said that he works for 3 hours daily, and  in Kenya Mutura business is usually at the peak during the evening hours. In those hours, he earns ksh.1500, and maybe sometimes ksh.1000 that is the profit minus all the expenses.

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In a month , Nicholas makes ksh.45,00Nicholas makes ksh.45,000. This is a very good amount of money. He makes more money as compared to some people who are in offices and work for more than 8 hours daily.

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Nicholas said that the money he has been making from selling Mutura has enabled him to pay school fees for his children, and he already has a child in University. It also helps him to sustain his life, pay bills and feed his family. He is proud of his business, and it indeed changed his lifestyle.

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