” Alipiga Magoti” Jeff Begged His Killers To Spare Him While in Dj Fatxo’s House.

The story about the cruel death of Jeff Mwathi is still taking turns and twists, as new details continue emerging. According to the information shared by Simon Mwangi Muthiora, who is an online blogger who has been following this case, it has been alleged that Jeff Mwathi begged his killers to spare him but they went on to kill him .

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” Dj Fatxo is Innocent”

Muthiora said that this information was obtained from a Lady X who it is alleged that she was among the ladies who were at DJ Fatxo’s House the day that incident happened.

Jeff Mwathi begged for his life
Jeff Mwathi begged for his life.( Courtesy of Mwangi Muthiora).

The lady claimed that Jeff went on his knees to beg the killers to stop killing him, and he even went on and told them that Samidoh is his relative. The killers ignored and went on killing the innocent boy. Those are allegations from the lady as shared by Simon Mwangi Muthiora.

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Muthiora however said that since releasing that information, Lady X has been behind the scenes and no one knows her whereabouts. This clearly shows that there is s third force and some people who are really trying to cover up for the case.

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The DCI homicide team has said that they are waiting for the final autopsy results from government pathologist, Mr Johnsen Odour, to go ahead and make sure justice is done, and everyone involved in Mwathi’s death has been arrested .

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