Akothee: My Wedding Budget is Ksh.7 Million Only.

Madam Boss welll known as Akothee will be walking down the Isle with her husband , Omosh on April 10. Everything is set and preparations are underway led by Sandra Dacha. Akothee has already released her wedding budget and it is just a very huge amount of money.

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Through her official Instagram page, Akothee who has been receiving pressures from fans, about her wedding budget, decided to let the cat out of the bag and revealed the millions she will spend on the wedding.

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She boldly said that the total budget of her wedding is ksh.7 Million only. This is just the budget of that day, remember she already purchased a weeding gown and shoes, which were a total of about ksh.700,000. She bought them abroad .

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During an interview with online Media, Akothee said that about 300 people will attend the wedding. A plate of food at her wedding will cost ksh.6500 , if you multiply with 300 plus people, you will find out that Akothee will spend about ksh.2 Million on food only.

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Her and Omosh are the one who are funding their wedding. She said that she didn’t form a wedding committee for contributions, because they are able to fund the wedding by themselves. She urged her fans to bring her gifts and she will appreciate any gift.

Akothee's wedding budget
Akothee’s wedding budget

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