Inspiring Story of A Single Father’s Struggle to Raise His Young Tripplets Alone.

George Kuria, A single father who was struggling to raise his young tripplets alone, went viral online in 2022. His story was very touching because , he was living in a mud thatched house that had holes and the roof was leaking. In this house George was living with his young tripplets who were still breastfeeding.

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He was forced to play the role of a mother and father at the same time, because after delivery, her wife developed back problems, and she had to remain in hospital, and fight for her life.

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George Kuria was left incharge of their young tripplets. Things were very hard and he was jobless , the living conditions were just poor and if the story couldn’t have been aired on Afrimax English then maybe his tripplets couldn’t have survived, though one died few months after the story went viral.

A single father struggling to raise tripplets alone
A single father struggling to raise tripplets alone( George Kuria) before and after Support from kenyans.

Kenyans and people of goodwill were touched with George Kuria’s story and they came through to help him . They supported him financially and built for him a 5 bedroom mansion.

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They completely changed his life, they bought for him a motorbike and made sure that George is raising his tripplets in a conducive environment.

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In addition Afrimax English, decided to surprise him with a huge amount of money. George is thankful to everyone who came through for him. His life changed, and her wife is still recovering from the back pains and very soon she will be home.

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