Prince Indah Promises to Pay Adhiambo Video Vixen Ksh.4 Million.

Prince Indah Opens Up on Paying Adhiambo Video Vixen

Brenda Otieno , the video vixen who went viral after exposing musician Bahati for not paying her money for featuring in his collabo with Prince Indah ‘Adhiambo’ has found a sign of relief , after Prince Indah promised to pay her money but under some conditions.

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Speaking in an interview with 2mbili TV, Prince Indah decided to come out clean, and said that he is aware of the lady, and he said that he knows that she is clout chasing, if it is true that she wasn’t paid, then she knows the right channels to follow and not social media.

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Prince Indah said that the video had alot of beautiful ladies, and he can swear that all the ladies were paid very well. Indah said that Brenda is clout chasing, and that is why she went on and dropped a song.

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However Prince Indah said that he is ready to pay Brenda, but under some conditions. The first condition is that she should just tell him how she made that song special, because the song was already a banger and it had alot of beautiful ladies, and she wasn’t even among the top five beautiful ladies.

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Indah said that the video is the one that made her famous, she wasn’t famous before, hence were it not for Adhiambo song , she couldn’t have been famous.

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He said that if Brenda explains very well, and if it is true that she was indeed not paid, then he will go ahead and pay her the ksh.4 million she is demanding. The main question she should answer is how she made that song special and why she deserves that huge amount of money.

Click link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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