Untold Story of Mama Stella Machachari, This Is What Happened to Her Skin.

This is what happened to Mama Stella Machachari

Clara Wamaitha is famous to many as Mama Stella Machachari, her stage name was Cindy. She is one of the veteran actors who made the Machachari show to be very interesting. After the end of the show, Cindy lifestyle changed and her current lifestyle can be compared to before because because she is battling with a medical condition.

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Just before covid 19, the famous Machachari show came to an end, Cindy and other actors were forced to start a new lifestyle out of the screen. Having acted for more than 15 years, she had managed to save some money and she had opened an electronic shop at Gilgil.

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What happened to her skin

For her the struggles in life started when she discovered that she had vitiligo.This was two years before the show came to an end
Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease. This type of disease develops when your immune system attacks part of your own body. If you have vitiligo, your immune system attacks cells in your body called melanocytes.

Mama Stella Machachari
Mama Stella Machachari

Because of Vitiligo, people started to discriminate her, her skin had patches, and she decided to lock herself in the house. Cindy revealed that she stayed private in her house for 3 years battling with depression. In addition to this Corona happened and things got worser than before.

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She only had a support of her family and few friends , who kept checking up on her, they also helped her to seek to medication. It took her time to accept her new skin and also to start associating with other people.

Her Current lifestyle

Cindy revealed that currently things are difficult, she isn’t getting gigs or shows, she used to be a motivational speaker but because of current economy , there are no appointments. She is currently trying to see how she can start a business. She is also trying to come up with a way of supporting people who are battling with vitiligo.

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She however urged Kenyans of good will and the government , led by Ruto and Nairobi Governor, Johnson Sakaja to come through for people battling with Vitiligo.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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