Keranta: I Enjoy Farting Infront of My Boyfriend Flaqo

Keranta and Flaqo

The relationship goals between Flaqo and his girlfriend Keranta, is on another level. The two love birds who made their relationship public several months ago, decided to reveal some of their secrets and also what they don’t like about each other.

Keranta and Flaqo
Keranta and Flaqo

It was an amazing 21 minutes video, but the person who shocked people most was Keranta. This is after Flaqo complained of het farting infront of him. Flaqo said that he hates her behaviour, where she just farts infront of him, and make him smell it.

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Keranta confidently agreed it is a pure truth. She said that she is very comfortable infront of her boyfriend, and she really enjoys farting infront on him, she isn’t shy, she won’t stop doing that anytime soon, because Flaqo is her man.

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In addition to this Flaqo also exposed Keranta for not closing the washroom door , whenever she is going for a long call. Keranta also agreed that she doesn’t close it for a purpose, the purpose is that she wants Flaqo to get used to it, and he should just be free with her.

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The two really exposed each other, and Keranta said that one of the things she really hates about Flaqo is that he always doesn’t pick calls on time, and he is also forgetful. She also exposed him for being careless, by even living the clothes on the floor or wherever he is standing, it is rare for him to take them to the laundry bucket.

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