Hii Imeenda, Video of Diana Marua Touching Her Husband’s Private Parts.

Offlate Diana Marua and her husband Bahati have been controversial. The couple has been trending online due to several weird reasons. They always like making some crazy videos.

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Just a day after Bahati was spotted wearing Diana Marua’s dress, now he again decided to act like a woman, and Diana Marua was touching his private parts always as she spanks him.

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In what seemed to be a tiktok challenge, Bahati decided to wear like a woman, and act like a woman for a day. On the other hand, Diana Marua decided to wear like a man, and act like a man for a day.

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She really played her role very well, Diana showed her husband how men act daily and how they usually disturb their women with getting intimate, touching them several times, spanking them , pressing their boobs, and just touching them when they are unaware.

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She went to an extend of touching Bahati’s private parts from behind, and spanking him several times.

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It was an hilarious video, and it attracted thousands of comments from tiktokers and this time round there was no hate comments.

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It was hilarious and people enjoyed watching the couple nail the challenge. Indeed the two are a power couple and they are also best friends in love, that is why they never fear doing anything nasty publicly.

Here is the full video.


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