Mungai Eve Addresses Breakup Allegations With Her Boyfriend Director Trevor.

Mungai Eve denies breaking up with Director Trevor

One of the most celebrated content creator and celebrity, Mungai Eve decided to address the breakup allegations between her and her boyfriend Director Trevor. The romours have been going viral online that the two aren’t in good terms.

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This comes after Mungai Eve decided to rebrand to Mungai Eve media, and most of the times she hasn’t been appearing in interviews. The only interviews she has been doing are exclusive interviews. A section of people online had alleged that there is a fall out between the two love birds, that is why Mungai Eve isn’t doing interviews as usual.

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Speaking in an interview with online media, Eve Mungai said that her and Director Trevor are in good terms. They haven’t parted ways, and the reason why she isn’t doing interviews as usual, is because she has outgrown doing some interviews, hence she only does exclusive interviews.

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She said that it is true that their relationship isn’t perfect, they also have their own challenges, they do argue, but they have chosen to solve their issues offline. They don’t expose their problems to the public.

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She said that they are working on making Mungai Eve media go global, and for her love life with Trevor, things are good, she is just waiting for Trevor to reveal the day the two will have a wedding and officially become a husband and wife.

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