” Alinitumia na Hakunilipa Pesa Yangu” Thee Pluto Exposed For Scripting Loyalty Test Show.

Thee Pluto Exposed For Scripting Loyalty Test Show

Thee loyalty test show is one of the most famous and loved shows in Kenya. It was started by Thee Pluto, who made kenyans love the vibe, and they later started supporting him . However it has emerged that the show is not real, one of the actors who featured on the show has revealed that Thee Loyalty Test Show is Scripted.

Thee Pluto Exposed For Scripting Loyalty Test Show
Thee Pluto Exposed For Scripting Loyalty Test Show

Speaking in an interview with Trudy Kitui, Tony Brown, who featured on the loyalty test show 8 months ago, and his video went viral, gained over 500,000 views on YouTube, cried out for his payment.

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Tony said that Thee Pluto called him, and urged him to act in the show, so he came up with his own script and he acted very well. Thee Pluto promised to pay him ,that is if the video goes viral, by good luck it went viral, but till to date, Thee Pluto has never paid him.

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Tony Brown feels like Thee Pluto just used him to get money, and left him out here with bigger problems. Because in the loyalty test show, he portrayed a character of an abusive boyfriend. It went viral and no lady wants to date him, because they all think he is an abusive man.

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He revealed that he was once depressed and even wanted to commit suicide , because of how people, especially ladies see him out here, he has been single for a while and there is no lady who wants his vibe.

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Tony Brown just urged Thee Pluto to do him a favour. He said since asking for payments isn’t worth it, he just want Thee Pluto to appreciate him, and tell the public that the show was scripted. He should tell them it was just acting and they should stop seeing Tony Brown as an abusive man.

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