A Kenyan lady Bought A Coffin For Tiktok Challenge.

Tiktok challenges is among the key trends in Kenya. Most tiktokers try as much as possible to become unique when doing their challenges so that they can go viral. A Kenyan lady caused stir online after she bought a coffin for doing a tiktok challenge.

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A Kenyan lady bought coffin for tiktok challenge
A Kenyan lady bought coffin for tiktok challenge

The young girl decided to join thousands of tiktokers in participating in Biensoul and Darasa’s song’ no body’ challenge. The song is very viral on Tiktok and its challenges have been getting lot of views and likes.

So this lady decided to do the challenge in a very unique, and shocking way. She went on and bought a coffin to do the challenge. She entered inside the coffin and did the challenge with her face full of smile inside it.

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A good number of Kenyans have cursed her deeds, and said that it is a taboo, and it is a sign of her inviting death. Others said that she is even trying to connect with the dead and this is a taboo in the society and even the holy books says that living people aren’t supposed to connect with the dead.

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The video has gone viral on Tiktok and the lady has gained alot of followers and also gained fame online, because she is among the few people in Kenya who have been spotted sleeping in the coffin while still alive .

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