” Unaita Client Sweetheart na Mimi Hujawai Niita Ivo” Jealous Diana Quarrels Her Husband.

The relationship between Diana Marua and Bahati is a marriage life that is worth watching. The couple try to make their video as more real as possible. Bahati found himself in a hot soup for not calling his wife Diana Marua sweet names like sweetheart, honey, darling and many more.

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Speaking during their sitdown YouTube video, Jealous Diana Marua raised concerns on her husband’s behaviour. She said that they are dating but Bahati usually calls her just like other random girls, he rarely calls her sweartheart.

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Diana said that something that usually shocks her, is how Bahati founds it difficult to call her sweet names, but when talking to his female clients he, usually refers to them as sweartheart.

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Diana complained and said that it is time for Bahati to value her and treat her uniquely compared to other women.

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Bahati on the other hand defended himself by saying that, it is just a draw because Diana Marua is also used to call her female friends ” Babe”, he said that he is jealous too, and he don’t want to hear Diana calling her female friends “Babe”, if he hears her doing so, he will block them on her phone.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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