Sabato: How Women Are Finishing Willy Paul’s Music Career ” Atakuwa Kama Omosh very Soon”

Sabato reveals what is killing Willy Paul's music career.

One of the most controversial content creator and entertainment critic, Sabato Sabato decided to hit out at controversial secular musician, Willy Paul and revealed how women are slowly finishing his music career.

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Speaking in an interview with plug tv, Sabato said that Willy Paul is among the top two best musicians in Kenya. He said that Pozee is more talented than Rayvanny and all other wasafi artist. He is the only musician who left gospel music, and conquered the secular music.

Sabato Sabato
Sabato Sabato ( courtesy)

However Sabato said that the only thing that is finishing Willy Paul is how he conduct himself. He said that Willy Paul has no management. He believes that he can make it alone, and this is not possible in the current music industry. For an artist to become global he or she must have a very strong team that is marketing them.

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Sabato said that due to lack of management, Willy Paul has been just operating the way he wants, and this led him to start getting addicted to women.

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The deadly Virus that is eating Willy Paul and his music career
The deadly Virus that is eating Willy Paul and his music career ~Sabato Sabato reveals

According to Sabato, people are now beginning to know Willy Paul for his scandals with women, and this is making him loose his value. He priotize women very much, and any beautiful lady he see’s he always wants to sleep with them.
Sabato alleged that there is no any beautiful Instagram or tiktok girl that Willy Paul hasn’t simped in their inbox. He can even fuel his car from Nairobi to Embu to go and meet a lady.

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His addiction to women is making him cripple his career. He isn’t even getting endorsement deals and even shows to perform. This has made him to start marketing himself, and that is supposed to be the work of management.

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Sabato said that if Willy Paul Will not change, then in the coming 5 years, he will be a nobody in the music industry. He will become poor, women will eat all his money, no endorsement deals, he will become irrelevant and kenyans will be forced to fundraise for him , just like Omosh and Mustapha.

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