Asoro the comedian : I’m a Kienyeji Virgin, My Dowry is Ksh. 20 Million.

Asoro the comedian has revealed that she is worth ksh.20 million because she is a special Kienyeji Virgin.

Up coming comedian, Asoro the comedian has decided to set the bar higher, by revealing her dowry price.

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Who is Asoro the comedian?

Asoro the comedian
Asoro the comedian /photo courtesy

She is an upcoming comedian from Nyanza region. She went viral on Tiktok with his videos of praising local girls (Kienyeji). Asoro does comedy skits and currently she is based in Nairobi Kenya.

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How Asoro became famous

Asoro the comedian, became famous after a viral tiktok video which excited JK Sirkal. JK went deep down the village in Migori to fetch her and brought her to Nairobi.

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Jk took Asoro the comedian to an interview with Jalang’o, where she was given a brand new phone. Jalang’o promised to help her. Jk and Jalang’o have been supporting her as they help her to grow her brand.

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Asoro’s bride price

Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko. Asoro the Comedian said she is a very special Kienyeji lady and she is untouched. Asoro the comedian openly said she is a pure virgin, and no one has ever tested her waters.

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Why a man must pay ksh. 20 million to have her.

Asoro the comedian said that for a man to have her he must be ready to pay ksh. 20 Million. Asoro said that she is a rare package. She said to find a virgin girl in Kenya is like trying to locate an oasis in Sahara desert because most ladies are into immorality.

Why Asoro the comedian is still a virgin

Asoro said that she has never had a lover in her entire life. That is one of the reasons she is still pure. She also said that she is God fearing. She is a true believer who has very strict rules, when it comes to engaging in immorality or fornication.

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Asoro said it is not a request. But a man who wants to have a taste of this sweet Kienyeji lady must pay a dowry of 20 million. She will make sure it happens because she won’t fornicate till she gets married.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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