Tiktoker who ate a Spider : Before Mwaka iishe Nitakula Nyoka.

Famous tiktoker who ate a Spider says that before the end of the year he must eat a snake.


The list of the things Aq9ine, the Kenyan Tiktoker who ate a Spider is just at the beginning. The tiktoker has still other weird foods he is supposed to eat. He promised to give his followers real and quality content.

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Weird things the Tiktoker who ate a Spider has eaten before.

Before eating a Spider, the tiktoker had already ate a bat and he developed very serious medical conditions. He vomited blood and he had a very serious flu that made him loose his voice.

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Spider man went ahead and cooked Sukuma Wiki using pesticides as spices. This didn’t affect him hence he saw that he is resistant to poison. The tiktoker now decided to cook a Spider and ate it.

Tiktoker who ate a Spider
Tiktoker who ate a Spider /photo courtesy.

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The poison reacted immediately and he started developing swollen face. He was admitted in hospital and by God’s luck the medications worked effectively.

In a video that was done by tripple P TV. The tiktoker is on record saying that by the end of this year he must eat a snake. He said that the main reason he hasn’t ate a snake is that in Meru to catch them is a process.

Other things the tiktoker is  yet to eat.

Spider man is also on record saying that he is yet to eat squirrel, frog and mole. All this things he does because of content creation. He wants to gain more numbers on his tiktok, become a celebrity and get brand deals. This is what the youths of the current generation are doing.

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