“Wachawi Wa Nyumbani Ndio Walifanya Tukaibia Jalang’o ksh. 1 Million” Eli Reveals.

Jalang'os former employee Eli, reveals why they stole ksh. 1 Million from him.


Ex worker of Jalang’o Eli has finally come out to reveal about the stealing money scandal. He admitted that him and Litiema Stole ksh. 1 Million from Jalang’o and it was because of black powers casted on them.

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How Eli and Litiema Stole ksh. 1 Million From Jalang’o.

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve. The worker revealed that it was just a day like all the other days. So as they were washing Jalang’os car, Litiema his co-worker, found 1 million in the car. He started running away with the money, and because of fear of being arrested, Eli followed him and they shared the money equally.

Eli and Litiema
Eli and Litiema, Jalang’os ex employees. Photo Courtesy.

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Eli alleged that, dark powers might have been casted on them by witchcraft from his matrimonial home. He said that people back at his village are jealous at him and they may do anything possible to make him fail in life.

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Life After loosing Job

After hiding for a while and returning some money to Jalang’o, Jalas told him and Litiema to down their tools. They have been jobless for a while. Eli is really suffering and he has urged Jalang’o to forgive him and give him another chance. He says his family is suffering and they are really languishing in poverty.

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