Kevin Kinuthia Opens up on Being Pregnant.

Famous Kenyan male tiktoker Kevin Kinuthia has decided to open up on being pregnant.


Romours have been spreading online that Kenyan famous tiktoker, Kevin Kinuthia is pregnant. This is because of his big tummy and also his responses to fans.

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Who is Kevin Kinuthia?

Kevin Kinuthia
Kevin Kinuthia / Photo Courtesy.

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We all know that Kinuthia is a crossdresser. He likes dressing like ladies yet he is a man. This is something unique in Kenya. This has made Kenyans to fail to understand the sexuality of Kevin Kinuthia. Some have assumptions that he is in Lgbtq society.

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Kinuthia Being Pregnant?!

Responding to the question about being pregnant. Kinuthia told Mungai Eve that he just wanted to give people what they wanted. He said that he responded that he is pregnant to a fan to make the fan happy. Kevin Kinuthia said that people are judging him because of his belly and also his dressing.

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Kinuthia said that he isn’t pregnant but in future he is hoping to have a family. He said at the age of 30,is when he will get married and start  a family.

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Kevin Kinuthia didn’t talk much about his sexuality. He said he will continue creating content and he will never change his dressing or content.

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Kinuthia urged his fans to continue supporting him. He said that he will be opening a second youtube channel very soon.

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