“I Dated Stevo Simple Boy For 10 years But He Has never Kissed Me” Pritty Vishy.

Pritty Vishy and Stivo Simple Boy.

Stivo Simple Boy’s Ex Girlfriend has decided to reveal all their private issues to the public. After exposing petty behaviours of Stivo Simple Boy, Pritty Vishy has now decided to dig into the bedroom matters and also bash Stivo Simple Boy for not being romantic.

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, Pritty Vishy said that Stivo Simple Boy is the most boring boyfriend she has ever dated in her life. She said that despite them being in a relationship, they used to stay like a brother and a sister because Stivo said that he will never fornicate till marriage.

Pritty Vishy said that she has dated Stivo Simple Boy for almost 10 years, and for those all years, they have never got nasty, intimate, Stivo has never Kissed or even hugged her, yet they were in a relationship. Pritty went ahead and said that Stivo Simple Boy can’t even explain how her body looks like because, he has never even seen her naked and when she used to change clothes Stivo used to close his eyes.

She said that Stivo is unromantic man and a saint, even if you bring a topic about having sex he will just walk away. Pritty Vishy said that she used to pose a romantic move to him but Stivo didn’t react or even notice that it is a romantic move. She said that the relationship was boring and there is no value they were adding on each other.
Pritty revealed that she is currently seeing someone who is giving her conjugal rights, though they aren’t dating, but at least now she feels satisfied as she looks forward to falling into a new relationship.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube (courtesy of Mungai Eve).





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