Thee Pluto Opens up On Scripting Loyalty Test

Thee Pluto responds to scripting loyalty test show allegations.

One of the most famous Kenyan celebrity and entrepreneur Thee Pluto, well known as the Chief Sanitizer, has finally come out to open up on the scripting of his loyalty test. There have been allegations online that the show is scripted and nothing is real in his show.

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One of the actors who featured in his show, Identified as Tony Brown, exposed Thee Pluto for not paying him, despite acting well in the loyalty test show, and his video going viral. He urged Thee Pluto to appreciate him, and tell the audience that the loyalty test show is not real.

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Speaking in an interview with Thee Exclusive Story YouTube channel, which is owned by a Ugandan content creator, Thee Pluto denied the whole claims, and said that the show is based on real stories and real characters.

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He said that he has never scripted his show, and he has faced alot of challenges when trying to film the show. Sometimes when couples see him they usually ran away. Thee Pluto said that he has been beaten several times, his camera destroyed because of the anger from a couple when they find out that one of them is cheating.

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The chief sanitizer said it is a real show, and they are the real things happening in real life. Those who are claiming that she show is scripted, they are just trying to bring him down, or clout chase with his name, the show is legit and Kenyans love it very much.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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