Mambo Imechemka! Krg React After A Young Boy Claimed to Be His Son.

Kenyan dancehall singer and one of the most successful business person Krg The Don has been trending in Kenya since the beginning of 2023, he is very controversial and the stories about his alleged children have been going viral online.

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While still addressing the issue of his alleged Baby Mama Susan Njoki, who claims that Krg the Don made her pregnant while she was 13years, a young boy has also come out openly to reveal to the public that Krg the Don is his blood father.

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Speaking via a viral video, the young man who seemed to be somehow confused, said that he has been searching his father for a while. So when he asked his mum the whereabouts of his father, the mum said that Krg the Don is his real father.

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The young boy pleaded with Krg The Don to come and take him, he is living in bushes, and generally life is difficult, while his father is a millionaire and living in the suburbs of Nairobi , driving expensive cars and wearing designer outfits.

Krg The Don shared the video of the young boy on his official Instagram page. He then went ahead and reacted. His reaction was just hillarious, he was wondering why people out here are really claiming to be his children.
The singer questioned himself on how he is being linked to having alot of children outside , and even questioned his manhood.

Here is the screenshot of how Krg The Don reacted.

Krg The Don reactions
Krg The Don reactions

The main reason why Krg the Don is being dragged into such scandals, is because he is wealthy and currently the economy of Kenya isn’t favourable to a large number of kenyans, so it is one way of seeking help from him.

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