Evidence Imeletwa, Yvonne’s Mother Finally Proves Krg The Don is the Biological Father.

Yvonne's mother prove's Krg is the Biological Father


Krg The Don’s alleged Baby Mama, Susan Wanjiru Njoki has finally come out to prove to the public that the famous singer and self proclaimed billionaire, Krg the Don is the biological father of Yvonne Njoki.

Yvonne's mother prove's Krg is the Biological Father
Yvonne’s mother prove’s Krg is the Biological Father

Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Yvonne’s mother decided to start proving her allegations by showing the screenshot of her chats with Krg The Don in 2022.

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Yvonne’s mother texted Krg the Don via his official Instagram page, requesting him to pay for Yvonne’s school fees, she referred to him as a deadbeat dad. However out of all the messages that she send to him, Krg The Don responded to non of them. He just ignored them.

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She said that she had tried to reach out at Krg several times, but all her attempts of getting him so that they can solve the issues outside social media failed. That is why she decided to expose him publicly and urge him to take the full responsibility of his alleged daughter Yvonne.

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To prove her words and whole story, Yvonne’s mother gave out the phone number of their close friend then, when her and Krg were still dating. Nicholas Kioko contacted her and she gave the full story.

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The woman revealed that she is the one who made Krg and Yvonne’s mother know each other. They started as friends, and that time Krg was living in Ndumberi along Kiambu Road. They were good friends and they started dating.

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The woman said that after Krg had impregnated Yvonne’s mother, he started cheating on her with other ladies. He went ahead and dumped her with a young child and he disappeared. The woman said that they used to call Krg Kajoji, and it is true him and Yvonne’s mother were dating back then.

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Yvonne’s mother said she is ready for DNA Test, and she is sure that it will turn out positive because she remembers Krg making her pregnant.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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