Kenyans React After A Tuktuk Man Was Spotted Buying Petrol Worth Ksh.20 Bob.

Tuktuk man buys petrol worth ksh.20bob

A viral video of a tuktuk man buying a petrol worth ksh.20 bob has trended on several social media platforms, and it has really caused stir online. It is a clear indication of how things are tough in Kenya and how people are really struggling with the bad economy of the country.

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In the video, the tuktuk is seen approaching the petrol station. It had several passengers on board, and they were men all of them. The driver in support of the young men urged the petrol attendant just to do them a favour.

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The favour they wanted was him to refill for them fuel worth ksh.20. The attendant is seen laughing as he types ksh.20 on the machine and went on and did for them that favour. It was like a drop. That petrol even seemed not to be enough to start the engine of that tuktuk.

Here is the full video.


The video caused stir online and to a good number of kenyans it was just a very hilarious video. Some had mercy on them, but others thought it was just a script, because they believe that their is no petrol station in Kenya that can sell petrol below ksh.50 Bob.

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Here are the screenshots of some of the comments from tiktokers.

Remember the price of Petrol in Kenya is retailing at Ksh.180 plus and it is expected to rise more if the financial bill of 2023 is passed by the government.

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