Story of Makokha: From Slow Learner In School, Chokora To Making Millions in Comedy .

Biography of Makokha

He is famous to many as Alfonse Makokha, he is a very big brand in Kenya and the only actor who has been able to become successful across the whole generations. He is a mentor to many actors in the field of acting, but what most people don’t know, it hasn’t been an easy journey for Makokha.

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Success takes time and in most cases there is a hardship moment before making it in life. Makokha was born in Kakamega and grew up in Maringo estate Nairobi. Life while growing up wasn’t that easy , because he was from a very poor background.

Speaking in an interview with Philip Karanja, Makokha said that he was a slow learner in school, and at the same time he was good in drama.
Makokha went to Dr. Kraft Primary school where he did his best in the exams. He later joined high school for her secondary school education but later dropped out in form two due to financial constraints.

He at some point dropped out of school when he was in form two due to lack of fee. At this point, he also thought that his acting career had started to vanish but little did he know that it was just the beginning of his victorious acting journey. Makokha was to join Zuma Zuma that earned him a tour to South Korea.

Acting Career .
What most people don’t know is that Makokha started as a drummist, he loves music very much. His first job was at Safaripark hotel ,where he used to be a drummist and entertainer. He used to be paid in dollars. That was around 1990s.
It was during this period that Mzee Ojwang noticed him, and in 1995, he joined KBC , that is how he started featuring in Vioja Mahakamani and Vitimbi.

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Many people empressed his acting skills, and his humour. He continued working smart upto 2017, where he landed into another huge deal with Maisha Magic, and featured on the hullabaloo estate film. Which is the longest running programme on Maisha Magic, 2017 upto date.

Makokha still performs well and entertains the audience. With the changes in technology, Him together with Ondiek openned a YouTube channel and it is doing well. His videos and sounds are greatly used by tiktokers.
Makokha as at 2024, he still act at Vioja Mahakamani and as years go on he continues improving more and more, he is loved by many and he is just an outstanding actor.

Being A Chokora
In an interview with Philip Karanja, Makokha said that God has been grateful to him. He said that at one point in life he was forced to be a Chokora. He used to walk in the streets find things that people can buy, sell to them to atleast be able to pay his school fees.

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Making it in life and being successful.

From a Chokoraa to travelling to more that five countries abroad. This is not something that happens within a blink of an eye. Makokha has ever performed in Sweden, Egypt, Switzerland, and other countries in Europe.
He said he didn’t believe it when he boarded a plane for the first time to go and perform abroad. In addition to revenue he makes from acting. Brand deals have also earned him millions of money, he is a clean brand, free of scandals.

Story of Makokha: From Slow Learner In School, Chokora To Making Millions in Comedy .
Story of Makokha: From Slow Learner In School, Chokora To Making Millions in Comedy .

Makokha owns a multimillion studio, the likes of Jaguar, Prezzo, Lady Jaybee have ever recorded in his studio. He is also into real estate and he owns several apartments and business premises. He has invested wisely his wealth and he is still working more smart.

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