How Waganga Wa Nyuki Are Scamming Kenyans Millions With Their Fake Miracles.

Does witch craft exist?

Most probably that is a question that you have ever asked yourself. Yes witchcraft do exist, and sources have revealed that it started in South America. In Africa the biggest market for witchcraft is found in Togo, and for real it do.

However there is a group of fake witches who are very smart, and they know how to manipulate people, especially in Kenya. There are some things that can’t or will never be done by witches, they need people who are sobber to understand the whole concept.

Lets take a deep dive into Bee witchdoctors, well known as Waganga wa Nyuki.

It is not a surprising thing, whenever you walk all over the roads in Kenya , you will see posters with such writings ” Mganga maarufu wa nyuki”. It is believed that they help to catch thieves.

The first question you should ask yourself , are bees spiritual? , who can convince bees to follow a thief, and catch him or her? , is that possible?.

If you are already manipulated you will say yes, if you have brains and understand how bees operate, then here you will understand the whole concept.
Bees are very protective insects, and they are nothing without their queen bee.

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What is Queen Bee?
A queen bee is typically an adult, mated female that lives in a colony or hive of honey bees. With fully developed reproductive organs, the queen is usually the mother of most, if not all, of the bees in the beehive.

Why is it so special?

The Queen Bee plays a vital role in the hive because she is the only female with fully developed ovaries. The queen’s two primary purposes are to produce chemical scents that help regulate the unity of the colony and to lay lots of eggs.

So after understanding that, All the other bees have a responsibility of protecting the Queen bee and they will always be around it. When they are around it they are normally not violent they just concentrate on making sure the Queen is protected.

Here is how this Waganga come in to lie to Kenyans. A witchdoctor will look for the queen bee, then enter into a deal with someone, put the queen at any part of their bodies, then pour bees there. So the bees will concentrate on that part of the body only.

If you have seen the viral videos or photos, you will notice that the bees are just on one part of the body, and they are very cool. That area is where the witchdoctor place that bee.

So when you see this you will think it is a miracle yet it is just logic. To protect the saw called thieves, the witchdoctor hires bouncers, and hence when they bring the alleged thieves with bees, you will see there will be people guarding them.

The well built men will be pushing mob away and telling them not to touch the victim. Wow that is a smart move. So the next step is that the thief will be taken to that witchdoctor again, then he will chant some words as usual, use a tail that has some poisonous chemical, pass it around the bees, they will all die on the spot.

How Waganga Wa Nyuki Are Scamming Kenyans Millions With Their Fake Miracles.
How Waganga Wa Nyuki Are Scamming Kenyans Millions With Their Fake Miracles.

It is just a simple trick and the Mganga will have made over Ksh. 100,000 . That is how it is done, majority of those witchdoctors are fake and in Kenya thar is their source of living. Be careful don’t fall in such traps.

Click the link below to watch this explanation by Truth watchdog.

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