Meet Hamisi, Millionaire Who Has Been Sleeping In The Coffin For 15 years.

Millionaire who sleeps in a coffin

If you think you have already seen it all then yiu are yet to see more. In this world alot if weird things keep on happening, to some are normal because they are used to them. Hamisi shocked many people after he decided to reveal publicly through an interview that he always sleeps in a coffin, and has been doing this for 15 years.

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Hamisi is a Tanzanian middle aged man, who is wealthy and living a very lavish lifestyle. The young man is probably a millionaire, but the source of his wealth has been questioned, keeping in mind that he doesn’t live like ordinary people.

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Speaking in an interview with Afrimax English, Hamisi decided to open up on why he always sleeps in a coffin. He first said that he is not in any cult or devil worshipping things as many people claim.

Meet Hamisi, Millionaire Who Has Been Sleeping In The Coffin For 15 years.
Meet Hamisi, Millionaire Who Has Been Sleeping In The Coffin For 15 years.

He said that he is wealthy because of his hardwork and also an inheritance from his family. The young man revealed that he has been sleeping in the coffin, for the past 15 years, and that is a normal thing to him.

We all know that coffins are for the death, but for Hamisi, he choose coffin as his resting place. He said that he has never slept on his bed. What this man has done, is that he bought a coffin and put it on top of his bed.

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The main reason of him sleeping in the coffin, is to satisfy his spirit of adventure, and also to be more secure while sleeping. He said that the death are never harmed because they are in the coffin, so for his security sleeping in the coffin is more secure.

The young man went on and said that he is also minimizing expenses incase he dies abruptly. People won’t be required to spend alot of money to buy coffin, he already has his own, so it will be just taking hime to the grave.

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Hamisi said that no one used to know that he sleeps in the coffin, however when one of his neighbours knew, the news spread all over, and his friends had to cut him off, claiming that he is a devil worshipper.

His family too had to stay away from him, especially how he doubled his wealth in a short period. Hamisi said he has no friends, and his bedroom no one enters, apart from his house girl and him.
When waking him up, the house girl is supposed to knock the coffin six times, for him to wake up. That is his normalcy, and he will keep on sleeping in the coffin. Getting married has become a challenge to him, because he wants a wife who will be sleeping in a coffin and no lady is ready for that.

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