Inspiring Story of Wakadinali: From  Struggling Rappers in Umoja Streets to Millionaires .

Story of Wakadinali

In 2023 , Wakadinali was doing better that Soutisol, Khaligraph and Nyashinski, this is according to Spotify and it was evident that their songs were topping chats. This was their dream come true, and they were living to see it come true because of how they have worked hard to be on the top.

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Alot of people don’t know the suffering behind the success of Wakadinali. Hiphop wasn’t a genre that someone could easily make it in Kenya, they had to go through alot for them to start gaining massive support from Kenyans.

The group is made of Scar , Domani and Sewersydaa.In an interview, Scar revealed that him and Domani met while in preunit. They grow up together as brothers and hiphop fanatics. For Sewer they met him while in Highschool.

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Wakadinali used to be four, but the fourth member exited the crew to focus on other things. It is alleged that he exited because he saw that music wasn’t making him money and also the struggles they were going through.

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The crew recorded their first song ever in 2008, the song that Khaligraph Jones really supported them, keeping in mind Khaligraph was also a struggling artist that year.

They kept on pushing, but they were not getting support from mainstream media and some Kenyans, who deemed them of promoting violence. They are always real in their songs, and they expose the dirt happening in the society. Keeping in mind they grew up in In Umoja estate.

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Getting interviews on TV and Radios was difficult and even their songs were not getting airplay, because they were deemed to be promoting violence and even corporates and other promoters never wanted to be associated with them.

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The journey for their artwork to be appreciated was a very lonely journey but they didn’t give up. In 2014 , they released their first ever album, Ndani ya cockpit 1 . It had alot of good songs, but they had to promote the album on the streets and also in street clubs.

On the ground they were getting support. The people of Umoja and other ghettos in Nairobi started noticing them. They kept on working hard and smart without giving up.

In 2016, they featured in HBR freestyle show. This was among their first time to get a chance to prove to Kenyans that they are talented. They killed it on the rap show, and started gaining fame, but they still had along way to go.

They went on and realised Ndani ya cockpit two, the album that did well, and gave them more fans. Victim of madness was a life changing album, people started appreciating their artwork. Khaligraph Jones was among the musicians who really supported Wakadinali and always mentioned them.

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We can now all agree that Geri Inengi was the life changing song of Wakadinali. The song went viral and made Wakadinali to top the chats in Kenya. Yes songs like Chunga, Kovu freestyle , Umoroto had made them to be on the chats, but Geri Inengi, 2022 hitsong changed their lifestyle completely.

Topping Spotify and having the most streamed album and songs in Kenya , was another achievement for Wakadinali. In 2023, they were among the top searched artist and also their songs topped the chats. Sikutambui and MCA were among their hitsongs.

This came along with a huge change in their lifestyle and music started paying them millions of money. Wakadinali is making millions from music and it has really transformed their lifestyle. In an interview Scar said that he has a house and making more money and that is why he changed.

He said that they move with the level of their lifestyle. They still have a good connection with the streets but they are superstars in Kenya.

The reason for their success is the unity they have, and everyone know their role. Domani Munga is the one who plays the hook role and that is his permanent role, Sewer is an underdog who is always silent but with dope bars. He is also an editor, and Slim visuals is the work of Sewer. Scar also has his own flow.

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They understand their roles, hence they always do their best and release hitsongs. They get massive bookings and corporates also started to appreciate their artwork. They are at the peak of their career and it is actually the best rap group in Kenya.

They are a clear definition of there is always light at the end of every tunnel. From Umoja streets to making millions of money and topping the Spotify chats. Good work Wakadinali.

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