“Sijawai Date Mwanaume Maskini” Socialite Amberay Brags

Amberay on Dating Rich Men.

“Sijawai Date Mwanaume Maskini” Socialite Amberay Brags.

One of the most famous Kenyan female celebrity and controversial socialite Amberay has decided to open up about all the men she has ever dated and their characters and also their backgrounds. Amberay said that money usually follows her.

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Speaking in an interview with Obinna, Amberay said that generally all the men she has dated are tycoons and come from wealthy family. Amberay said that she got pregnant immediately after finishing form four, even the results were not out yet. She said she was in love with Baba Gavin for 8 years and the man was very wealthy because his family were well off.

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However they parted ways after he almost killed her, there relationship became toxic immediately after giving birth to Gavin. The baby daddy started mistreating her and beating her up. Amberay decided its enough and decided to call it a quit.
After parting ways she started hustling and she has worked in several fields, including selling the cows intestines. Amberay said that, her luck was the type of men that she has been attracting her entire lifetime. All her ex boyfriends are tycoons and she even revealed that their are two of them who have ever bought for her a car.

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Amberay however denied the claims that she fully depend on men to pay bills, she said she is an independent lady, she has invested in wheat farming and she is reaping alot from the business. Amberay said that she loves enjoying life that is why she always party from Monday to Sunday.
The socialite also revealed that she has two maids, and one is for her son Gavin and the other one is for taking care of her. Amberay revealed that she is currently dating and in a very serious relationship with someone she loves.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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