Young and Millionaires : Inside a Multimillion 3 Bedroom Apartment Owned By A Kenyan Youth Sammy Boy. (Video).

Sammy Boys house tour.

Young and Millionaires : Inside a Multimillion 3 Bedroom Apartment Owned By A Kenyan Youth Sammy Boy. (Video).

Sammy Boy is not a new name to most of the Kenyan Youths. He is one of the most successful  youths in the country. At his early 20s, the young man has already achieved most of his dreams. He is a millionaire and living a very posh life in one of the wealthy peoples suburbs in Nairobi.

Sammy Boy decided to motivate all the Kenyan youths, by giving them a house tour of his expensive multimillion apartment in Nairobi suburbs.

Sitting Room
The young millionaire has a very spacious sitting room, the room has the dining area, with expensive dining seats. It also has a home office with a mac laptop that cost ksh. 100,000, and a mac desktop. He also has filming area with Canon D800, which goes at around ksh. 60,000.

He has a set of leather seats latest model, that goes at ksh. 250,000. He has a Sony UHD flat screen, ksh. 360,000 and a music system that goes at ksh. 140,000. There are also other expensive things which include portraits, wall of fame and latest bulbs.
Here are some of the photos of his sitting Room.

The balcony is very spacious, and it has been well arranged with some expensive balcony seats that goes at ksh. 100,000 and also a balcony heater which Goes at ksh. 85,000. It has an amazing view and it is just a very ample cooling space.
Here is a snippet of Sammy Boys balcony.

Bedroom and Others.
Before you enter the bedroom, he has a very spacious kitchen. The kitchen has all the essentials, including a 4 cooker gas, emergency gas and fridge and microwave. Just beside the kitchen there is a laundry room that has an expensive washing machine.

On your way to the rooms he has a spacious place for keeping his shoes.
Here is the photo of where Sammy Boy Keeps his shoes.

It is a three bedroom, hence the first room is a guest room, where his friends and guests sleep. The second room is his sisters room, where they sleep when they have come to visit him.

The final room is master bedroom, that has self contained washroom and very huge closets. He also has an expensive flat screen in the bedroom and the bed just looks amazing.

Here is the link to the full house tour on YouTube. (courtesy of Commentator).

Source of Sammy Boy’s wealth.

He is a coolkid, and he has been making millions of money from forex trading. Sammy Boy always goes live on Instagram and he has been showing Kenyans how to make money via forex.

He usually codes trading tools and sell them to traders who are interested and they go for ksh.20,000. Sammy Boy is also a very successful business man and he owns a very luxurious gaming lounge at Safaripark arcade called Coolkids Connect. He also has a beauty shop that is under construction.

Cars he owns.
At his early 20s, Sammy Boy has a fleet of sleek cars, and they include Mercedes AMG, Audi, Volkswagen and also Toyota ractis.

That is just a summary of Sammy Boys Expensive lifestyle. In addition he has a 5 bedroom mansion that is still under construction.


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