Stay Away From my Kids, Nilikuachia Jimal” Amira Blast Amberay.

Amira Blasting Amberay

“Stay Away From my Kids, Nilikuachia Jimal” Amira Blast Amberay.

Jimal Rohosafi ex wife and ex girlfriend , Amira and Amberay have ignited a new beef again. This time Amira has decided to give Amberay a very strong warning against luring her son to take photos with her.

Amira has alleged that during the weekend when she was away, socialite Amberay visited their estate and while in the estate, she started begging one of his sons to go and take photos with her. Amira said that her son has told her that Amberay was pleading for photos with him but he refused.

Amira has warned Amberay against messing or even coming to lure his sons for photos. According to Amira that is like trying to mess up with her sons after messing up with her family.
(here is the screenshot of Amira’s message to Amberay).

Amberay is the one who made Amira to broke up with her ex husband Jimal Rohosafi. It was a very huge scandal because Jimal was dating Amberay and he was married to Amira.

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The two were not vibing hence they used to fight everyday and this made Jimal to dump Amberay and after dumping her Amira went ahead and dumped Jimal.

That is how Jimal Rohosafi was left desparate and enemity between Amira and Amberay became worse and that is the main reason Amira does not want to see Amberay near her sons.



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