“I Will Build 24 Houses for Poor People This Year” YY Comedian Says.

YY Comedian building houses for poor Kenyans.

One of the most famous Churchill Show Comedian and also a very successful entrepreneur and social media influencer YY Comedian, has decided to start giving back to the community after having a very successful career in the field of comedy.

YY who is a father of a young infant, has publicly revealed that he has started his own personal initiative that will see him build houses for peasant and very poor people in the society who are living a very desperate life in a desperate homestead.

YY said it is a solo mission, but everyone is free to come and help him, he said that he is welcoming all companies that want to work with him, to transform the lives of poor Kenyans who are suffering.

YY said that he is planning to build 24 permanent houses for peasants in Kenya and he has already started the journey by building a house for Willy. Willy is the poor man from Butere who sold his roof to pay medical bill for her wife.

YY said that the house will be completed in the next one week, he has done everything and for roofing a certain iron sheet company has come through for him. He said that he is determined and in a good position to help the poor though he don’t have much resources but the little he has he will utilise it very well.

YY urged all Kenyans never to give up on their dreams, youths should focus and kill depression by trying their luck in the field that they feel they have potential. He said he will be always ready to help any Kenyan, but it must be a serious issues, he doesn’t want to deal with jokers.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube (courtesy of Mungai Eve).

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