Rose Mutua: How I Lost Millions in Just One Night, Now I’m Living In Extreme Poverty.

The story of Rose Mutua is so heartbreaking and unbelievable. Rose was a millionaire who one day woke up left with nothing. All her wealth and investment she had done for several years, just got damaged in a single night.

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Rose Mutua comes from Makueni Area, growing up, she was a very bright student, who was once forced to be a househelp after loosing her parent. By goodluck she got sponsorship, and went to highschool and university where she passed her exams very  well. She was very bright in school.

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After university she got married to the love of her life, who was her colleague at the university. They started making major moves in life, because immediately after campus her husband got a well paying job with a famous car company.

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It didn’t took Rose a long time to get Job, her first job was with an insurance company, where she used to earn well, and later secured a well paying job at a famous bank in Kenya.

The two were financially stable, they managed to take their children to good schools, bought cars, and they were just living a very lavish lifestyle. They had money and they could afford luxurious lifestyle without any stress.

Rose Mutua
Rose Mutua

All over sudden, Rose decided to quit her bank job, she said that she heard a calling from God, and wanted her to be a pastor. It was the hardest decision in her life, but she had to follow God’s will and also her heart. She resigned and decided to join a bible study college.

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She studied theology for four good years, and secured a second degree. This time her husband had also been promoted and he was getting a good amount of money.

After completing bible study, Rose’s heart was at peace and she decided to open a church, and also start a charity organizations. In this organisation, she used to help the vulnerable in the community.

Everything was going on well, she set up a studio near the church to promote local artists, and also a bakery to just support the jobless in the society.  She felt good helping others, till one night when a very horrible event happened.

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Jane said that she received a phone call from the young men who were guarding the studio near the church, at around 2:00 am. The youngmen told her things were messy at the church compound. The area had been surrounded by bulldozers and caterpillar, which were guarded by police officers.

There main role was to demolish everything. Rose told the young men to just try and rescue studio equipments and other valuables. They managed to rescue some, but for others it was too late because the church and studio were demolished that night and the land was flattened.

This was the most heartbreaking moment in Rose’s life . In the morning she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The church was down, studio that had costed her almost ksh.500,000 had been demolished, and valuables damaged.

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The land that she had saved money and bought for several millions , had just been taken away like that. It was alleged that the land was linked to a top government official, who planned for demolition without any notice or documents to prove that the land belongs to him.

She fell into depression, all her investment had gone like that. To add on that, her husband also lost his job, and things were just tough. They were forced to sell their two cars, house and other expensive things they owned.

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Since the life at the city had become difficult, the couple relocated  back to village.From millionaires to Zero, in the village life has been hard, they struggle to get their daily food, and Rose is still battling with pressure. Things are not okay for the family, and they are just seeking help from well wishers and kenyans of good heart.
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