Why I Left My Wealthy Homestead In Germany To Get Married to An African Man From Kibera Slum.

Love is a beautiful thing, when you meet the right person, who has similar energy to yours and a vibe like you. Vini and Leni are a clear and valid example of true love is blind and do exist. Leni is from Germany while Vini is a Kenyan man from Kibera slums.

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Leni is 24 years while vini is 23 years. Speaking in an interview at Afrimax English, Leni revealed that she left Germany for a social work internship in Kenya. She was placed at Korogocho slums, so one day she had gone to attend a certain event.

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In that event, is when she first met Vini, Vini was on the stage dancing, and when Leni saw him, she just fell in love with his energy. She went ahead and asked for his Instagram account, wanting to know more about him.

Vini and Leni
Vini and Leni

For Vini it was shocking, because he was just a struggling boy from Kibera slums. one thing led to another and Leni wanted to visit Vini at his home. It was hard but Vini was very truthful and told her that he lives in slums.

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Leni was so humble, she decided to go to Kibera slums, and at first it seemed to be a very unique place. She was used to affluent lifestyle and cool environment but things in Kibera were different.

On the first date she slept at Vini’s place, and the two bonded. She started living in the slums with Vini, and it took her time to adopt to the environment.

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As times goes on, the couple keep on growing their love, and already parents of both sides, have given them a greenlight. The couple are optimistic that they will get married soon officially and start a family. We wish Vini and Lenny all the best.

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