Gospel artist Ezra FBI Shows Of Ksh.5 Million Mansion He Built For His Mother.

Ezra FBI Shows The Mansion He Has Built For His Mother

One of the most famous and celebrated kenyan gospel artist and a former dancer at the FBI  dance crew, Ezra FBI caused stir online, after he decided to flaunt, the Multimillion Mansion he has built for his mother back in the village.

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Ezra who is also a successful business man, and owns Ezymo hair, which is a famous shop in Nairobi CBD and sells women wigs. The musician said that it took him 6 good months, to complete the mansion.

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According to him, he said that the house has costed him ksh.5 Million. He said that it was his dream come true. Ever since he was young, his dream was to one day build for his mother such a good house.

Ezra FBI Flaunts The Mansion He Has Built For His Mother.
Ezra FBI Shows The Mansion He Has Built For His Mother

Ezra who came from a humble background and made his way up through FBI music dance crew, flaunted the mansion and thanked God foe making his dreams come true.

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However a section of Kenyans online felt that the musician had exaggerated the price. Many people were saying that it is a good house, but it is not worth that amount of money. They congratulated him for atleast building a shelter for his mum, but the cost he exaggerated.


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