“Kitambo Madem Walikuwa Wananilenga, Sahii Mimi ndio Nawalenga” Babushka.

Kenyan tiktoker Babushka has caused stir online, with a very mocky message to women, who used to downgrade him back then, because of his physical appearance.

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Babushka who is disabled, has been on the trends several times, this is after he proved to Kenyans that disability is not inability. He has been showing his dope dancing skills online, and this helped him to gain more followers on Tiktok and land into lucrative endorsement deals that are paying him well.


Through his official Instagram page stories, Babushka, said that,back then, he used to crop his pictures, because he was aware that women will avoid him because of his physical appearance.
But currently the story has changed, he is no longer broke the way he used to.

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He has money and fame, he is a celebrity, and things have turned around. He has more self confidence, he posts his full photos, and he is now the one avoiding women.

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In an interview , Babushka revealed that women are all over his dm, wanting him to date them. But now he is at the level whereby he can choose what he want and also turn down women if he wants to do so. God changed his story, and his journey to success, has come along with privileges and alot of confidence and positive things as compared to negativity from few haters.


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